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The Boston Strangler Murders and Albert DeSalvo

The Boston Strangler was a presumed serial killer that operated in the Boston area from June of 1962 until January of 1964. The killer (or killers, as some would say) was responsible for the deaths of thirteen women. Of course, as with most serial killings, it is difficult to know whether more murders took place in other areas. One man in particular–Albert DeSalvo–is widely believed to have been responsible for the Boston Strangler murders. However, it is important to bear in mind that he was never charged with the murders. In fact, no one ever was.
The Boston Strangler first struck on June 14, 1962. The victim was 55-year-old Anna Slesers. Anna's son found her on the floor of the bathroom in her apartment on Gainsborough St. in Boston. She was wearing only a bathrobe, which had been left open, exposing her nude body. She had been sexually assaulted, but not raped. Anna was strangled with the belt of her bathrobe, which was left around her neck. It was tied in a bow.
Notably, the k…

The Infamous Mutiny on the Bounty

Back in 1798, the most infamous mutiny in history occurred on a ship known as the Bounty. The story has been immortalized in film and the history books. While, it's often sensationalized for the sake of entertainment, the true story is just as action-packed.

Captain William Bligh was in command of the Bounty when it went on its fateful journey. He was hired to bring the Bounty to the South Pacific in search of breadfruit trees. Bligh was able, but quite strict. During the voyage, he kept a meticulous account of the ship's provisions, rationing out food carefully based on his calculations. He was also keen on keeping his men on task. At one point during the voyage, Captain Bligh was compelled to flog some of his men for attempting to desert the Bounty. A harsh punishment surely, but it was the practice.

Captain Bligh's nature began to wear on master at arms Fletcher Christian, who began to show visible disdain for the captain. However, Bligh later claimed that he believed h…

Dana Sue Gray: Killing for a Shopping Spree

Dana Sue Gray is a serial killer who is hard to categorize. She was a nurse, but she did not kill her patients. She killed elderly women, but she did not poison them as so many nurse killers are wont to do. Her serial murders were violent, but she did not have a male counterpart helping her as many female serial killers who commit violent murders do. She is not unique, though. She had a clear motive, a modus operandi that could be compared to those of other serial killers and she had a lack of remorse that is all too familiar in the world of serial killings.

Dana Sue's parents divorced when she was two-years-old. Her mother raised her, though she died of cancer when Dana was still a teenager. Rumor has it that she tried to live with her dad, but that she could not get along with her stepmother. She graduated from high school with average grades and behavior. From there, she went to nursing school.

While Dana Sue Gray was in nursing school, she dated athletic men and became somethi…