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San Francisco's Zebra Murders

The Zebra Murders were a series of racially motivated yet seemingly random murders and attacks that took place in San Francisco in 1973 and 1974.. The perpetrators of these murders and violent attacks were dubbed the "Zebra Killers."

The San Francisco press originated the term Zebra Killers/Murders. The name stuck, and even the police picked it up, using channel Z on their radios strictly for the Zebra case. The designation may have had something to do with the fact that the killings appeared to be committed by black people against white people.

The first known Zebra Murder took place on October 19, 1973. A young married couple, Quita and Richard Hague, were out walking in San Francisco when two young, well-dressed black men assaulted them. They were forced into a white van. Quita was sexually assaulted and then stabbed in the neck several times with a machete. Her head was nearly severed. After watching his wife be murdered, Richard was tortured and left for dead. He was fo…