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Infamous Police Shootouts in U.S. History

Police shootouts, are about the closest thing to warfare as U.S. citizens typically experience. They terrorize both the lawmakers and the civilians who find themselves witnessing gunfire and even explosions. Here are a few shootouts that are infamous in the collective memory of this country.

The 1985 MOVE Shootout and Subsequent Fire
MOVE is a commune style group that preaches against technology and for living in harmony with the Earth. However, they were not averse to using violence. Their name is not an acronym for anything, though their members do all adopt the last name "Africa." The group is still active as of 2016.
On May 13, 1985, police approached the home of the MOVE group on Osage Ave. in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Neighbors had been complaining of loud preaching and anti-American sentiment being broadcast from the house. They also complained of trash strewn in the yard for making compost and that there were nude children walking around the property. The group was…